What is HelpBarbershops.com?

It’s always been about more than hair.

Barbershops have been the cornerstone of community for thousands of years; a space for grooming not only follicles but ideas. Now, in the wake of COVID-19, we need each other more than ever. Carrying on the industry’s rich tradition of social exchange, SQUIRE is launching HelpBarbershops.com as a community resource for shops everywhere.

Centralizing information on securing loans, grants, and other government stimulus packages, our team is looking out for you and yours in this time of economic uncertainty.

SQUIRE has your back. We will be updating this site frequently with new information and tools to support your business.


  1. Dear clients,

    We all know the situation with the CORONA VIRUS is a serious one. And we need to put the health first. As of Friday, March 20 2020 we will have to temporarily close. We will not be opening due to the Corona virus outbreak to keep the public & our people safe. We apologizing for the inconvenience that is out of our reach. We will keep you updated on any changes! Please stay safe & thank you for understanding.

    Elite Barbers of CNY

  2. Hello thanks for giving us this information Especially now with the hard times that a lot of small businesses are going through. I have two barbershops and I will like to get more info on how can I apply for this loan and if I’m eligible. Thanks again Squire you guys are doing great thing for the barbershop community

  3. Hello and thanks again for giving us all this information. Especially now with the hard time that a lot of small businesses are going through.I would like to get more information about this loan and if I’m eligible.. thanks again Squire you guys are doing great things for the barbershop community.

  4. Would be very appreciated in these ruff times. Everybody is taking a loss now. I pray we get through this. I miss my coworkers & my customers. I miss our vibe in my barbershop. Godbless everybody & Stay safe 🙏💈

  5. Hi My name is Tamika Banks, wanted to know was this grant available to Salon owners as well? I can be reached directly at 404 567-2720 Thank you

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